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We are grateful to receive in-kind items each year, but we always need more to support our program. Generous in-kind donations make our mission possible! If you would like to donate an In-kind donations please email us at to  make other arrangements.

Wish List

Exciting News -- We just were able to turn in 5000 Best Choice Labels!!!  

Continue to save Best Choice labels, we receive $15 for every 1000 labels we turn in. You should only save Best Choice UPC codes. We don’t collect any other brand…we have received a few Always save and others but we don’t collect those. Please turn your labels in envelopes with your blankets.

Blanket Supplies 

Cotton Fabric

Flannel Fabric

Fleece Fabric
Quilt batting
Acrylic yarn
Rotary cutter and blades


Chapter Supplies

Gift cards for JoAnns, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby 

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