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Reason Why Blanketeers Make Blankets

A little boy was born and rushed into the NICU. Although the parents knew this would happen ahead of time, the staff at the hospital was amazing.

One morning they went to visit their son to find a basket on the window bench of his room. Someone had learned that the boy had a 4 year old sister and gave her a basket from her little brother.

The basket had some coloring supplies, two teddy bears (one green the other white) and a blanket with a tag that said Project Linus.

The little girl chose to give the white bear to her brother to go to Heaven with and to this day says the green one was given to her by her brother.

For about the first 2 years the little girl slept with her "Project Linus Blanket" every night and cuddled with it every time she was missing him. She truly believes that he asked someone to make it for him special to give to his big sissy.

It doesn't matter that he never made a sound, that is what we told her, and because she was so young and she loves her Blanket so much, she believes it without question.

Although the Blanket is now folded safe in the top of the closet and she doesn't depend on it as she used to, she still asks for it to be taken down every once in a while because it makes her feel close to the brother she barely got to know, it still brings her comfort and love.

Something as simple and small as a basket with a blanket in it made a big difference in our lives, but it made a HUGE difference in our daughter's life.  So thank you for what you do.

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