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Blanketeers in Action

Enjoy looking through all the fun that we have at our events.

APRIL 2016

Over 125 people attended our Expo celebrating our 100,000th Blanket.  Jenny Doan and Kelly Ashton put on great trunk shows.  Angela Walters showed individuals how to do dot-to-dot quiling.  Katy Beth Anderson taught ladies how to do tunisian crochet.   We had fun, door prizes, and an overall great time.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made this a great event. 

MABD - October 2015

Over 40 people came on this date to help us make and put together over 250 blankets.  We had an Boy Scout bring us 11 weighted blankets to complete his Eagle Scott Project.  We had one lady who completed her very first blanket -- ever.  We had students from Avila come joint the fun.  The Quilters made the Quiltmakers 2015 "It's a Zoo" pattern that is specially designed for Project Linus.  We had fun, door prizes, and an overall great time.

MABD - April 2015

During this MABD we had our annual blanket contest as well as a Mystery Quilt Challenge. We had 10 individuals participate in the contest and had some great blankets made.  Our mystery challenge was fun and fast.  Look at the great tops that were made that day.  Of course everyone else had a great time too.

MABD - October 2014

During this MABD we decided to make it a goal to make at least 60 blankets during this event.  We surpass that goal by making self-binding blankets.  We were able to make and get ready for delivery 300 blankets.  Thank you to all that came and enjoyed our event.  Thank you to Donna who took these photos.

MABD - April 2014

Another successful MABD. Over 30 Blanketeers came to help gather blankets and make the ready to be delivered.  Again, thank you to everyone that came and help us today.  Thank you to Donna who took these photos.

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